Player psychology. 10 types of gemblers

Gambling enthusiasm exists since ancient times, and in different years, the subject of scientific research was not only the entertainment itself, but also the players. Psychologists are still interested in what is the basis of people’s interest in gambling for money, and why this hobby is so much delayed some and causes rejection of others. Back in 2008, Russian scientists Karavayev, Panov and Zamullo published a study in which they tried to classify the main types of gamblers. Their work is relevant to this day, and the findings apply to both visitors to land-based gambling establishments and online casino customers.

Scientists have identified 10 groups of gamblers, depending on the degree of their involvement in the process:

  1. hangouts play for recreation;
  2. the infantrymen dedicate a certain budget to the games;
  3. casual gamblers sit at the machines from time to time;
  4. intellectuals have a rest but try to understand the game;
  5. status players play for the company;
  6. VIP gambleers spend money in elite establishments;
  7. professionals know how to beat the dealer;
  8. desperate people go to clubs because there’s nowhere else to go;
  9. ludomans are addicted to the game;
  10. crooks are looking for ways to cheat on casinos and other gambleers.

Of course, gambling owners and developers rely on their knowledge of gambler types to attract new visitors and build the right line of communication with regular customers. Players also have a good understanding of this classification, so as not to succumb to the tricks of casino owners and not be deceived.

Welcome to the casino

Gambling establishments attract people in various ways, targeting the target audience.


Who are they? Probably the largest of all the designated groups. These people do not give preference to certain types of gambling and do not have a favorite slot machines. Gambling for them is not an end in itself, their leisure time they build on communication with friends. During the game partyers are distracted by conversation and drinking, and often change video slots for roulette, and leisure at the card table for krps or bingo. Their preferences in the game correspond to the choice of friends.


Partyers prefer to be in company

Like it’s used in casinos. Gambling halls always create an atmosphere of lightness in the so-called recreation area. A person visiting such establishments should feel as comfortable as possible to spend more time there. In addition to the machines and gaming tables, there are other ways to spend time in such halls, such as a bar.
What should be remembered. You can have fun at the casino just like you would anywhere else. Sometimes it’s nice to make a dozen bets to experience gambling excitement. Do not forget that in large casinos absolutely everything works to maximize the involvement of visitors in the gameplay.
Advantages of the type. Partyers rarely become avid players, because their main drug – communication with people. They are satisfied with the opportunity to play occasionally for the sake of being in a good company.


Who are they? Pretty common type of players, which forms the basis of the audience of most casinos, including virtual gaming establishments. Infantrymen regularly spend time playing the game, but are able to control the time and expenses spent. They are happy to play free demo slot machines, and in the case of real bets in advance determine the budget, which is trying not to go beyond. Even if the infantryman snapped and spent more than the planned amount, he stops and takes a break. As a rule, such gemblers have a small number of favorite games, as they believe that they are more lucky than others.


The infantry can be very different.

Like it’s used in casinos. It is the infantry forms trends for popular slot machines. They are ready to tirelessly spin the drums of their favorite video slot and endlessly tell the community about its benefits. An average person will not notice the absence of a specific slot in the gaming room or online casino site, and for the infantryman it can be a reason to refuse to play in such an institution.

What should be remembered. Infantrymen should clearly follow their own principles. They set limits on spending on gambling should be respected. Otherwise, you can break into uncontrolled corkscrew and go into a big disadvantage.

Advantages of the type. Ability to keep yourself in control – an important skill that will help both gambling and any other business. Through more or less systematic use of games and clear self-control, the infantrymen have a better chance of earning money on the machines than other types of gamblers who visit casinos from time to time.

Random gamblers

Who are they? The most incoherent category of gemblers. Such people are not looking for gambling, games find them themselves. Random players are in the casino under the influence of external circumstances: go to the halls of the slot machines from nothing to do, are in the casino in the company of friends or go to the site with video slot on an advertising link. Such people are cautious during the game and are attentive to the choice of entertainment. Usually they do not spend much time and money on the game.


Like it’s used in casinos. Such visitors are trying to attract various bonuses and gifts, and to keep the quality service. It is they most often bite on non-deposit bonuses or free spins. Over time, casual players can become regular gamblers.

What to keep in mind. There are cases where a person came to make one bet – and ripped the jackpot. However, most often a rare reference to gambling is perceived as an unusual entertainment to get a vivid emotions and thrills. Do not forget that this is what the player pays for in this case.

Advantages of the type. The least involved type of gambleers, which comes into the game as easily as it goes. Stop in time for such people will not be any problem, and the loss is perceived by them only with a note of disappointment. They are willing to pay for quality rest, and sudden win is considered a bonus for the justified risk.


Who are they? Gamblers, who treat gambling as a thoughtful and expensive entertainment. They understand the principles of roulette, understand poker, pay attention to the percentage of return on the playing machines. Their knowledge of mathematical models and general understanding of the theory of random numbers allows them to treat bets rationally. Losing intellectuals are loyal, and the winnings are attributed to the right strategy. Such people rarely lose or win large sums because they do not take risks in vain.

Daniel Craig as James Bond…


James Bond is a classic representative of intellectuals.

Like it’s used in casinos. Regularly create new games that may interest intellectuals with their rules and features. Typically, these players prefer card games at a real table, and in online casinos choose video poker, baccarat or blackjack.

What to keep in mind. Any table or machine in the casino above all brings profit to the institution itself. With a mathematical approach, the chances of winning increase, but the main thing to remember is that gambling is an entertainment, not a way to earn money.

Advantages of the type. Knowledge of the rules and strategies brings these players to the level of professionals. Intellectuals are rational to the game and most often do not give free rein to emotions.


Who are they? Players who have a high position in society. Not constrained in money, because their stakes are much higher than average. They play for two reasons. First, to further confirm their social status, and second, to have a good time. Victories and defeats are almost indifferent.


Like it’s used in casinos. Gambling halls usually have special VIP-zones for such visitors. Of course, everything is done at the highest level there. The best service is provided, expensive cocktails and snacks are offered. The croupier at the gaming table is even ready to perform small whims of clients: to change chips, dice, deck of cards at the first request of the player. Experience of ground institutions in serving rich customers adopted and online casinos. On most sites there is a division of users by status depending on the size of bets. Those who reach the VIP level are given various privileges and even a personal manager is allocated.

What to keep in mind. Gambling entertainment for such a person is nothing more than just a game in which the size of bets is not significant. However, to maintain high status, you need to play a lot.

Advantages of the type. High stakes are big winnings in case of success. Of course, VIPs do not see games as a way to generate income, but a large jackpot can raise the mood.

Status players

Who are they? For these gemblers, the hierarchy adopted in this or that social group is important, and the opinion of others is decisive. Status players choose entertainment that is in demand in their environment, make about the same bets and spend as much time playing as the other members of their social group. Gambling becomes one of the topics for conversation and a way to better connect with the right people.

Colleagues at the casino
Colleagues at the casino

Like it’s used in casinos. Most types of gambling allow people to play side by side (roulette, dice) or against each other as each other (poker, other card games). It works to create a community of people united by their favorite pastime, so such entertainment may be a reason to return to the casino. On the Internet, this feature is used in multiplayer electronic roulette or in Live Casino games with several seats at the gaming table.

What to keep in mind. Being part of the company and doing what everyone around you is not the same. If the neighbors at the gaming table “will blow your mind,” you do not have to follow them. You need to be able to look at yourself from the outside, it will help to act rationally.

The advantages of the type. Status players do not depend on the thrill of the thrill, so it’s easier for them to keep it together. Their sociability helps to learn different game subtleties that will allow you to win again. A good relationship in the company helps not only in the game – useful acquaintances in the casino may well come in handy in normal life.


Who are they? The most rational people who understand the mechanics of games and rules, understand the probability theory and the basics of mathematical statistics. What matters to them is victory and only victory. Professionals know how to win and know what it takes. They are patient and attentive, it is such people are prohibited access to ground casinos, but professionals come up with new ways to beat the dealer.

Professionals tend to win more than others
Professionals tend to win more than others

Like it’s used in casinos. Gaming clubs try to exclude such people from their guest list. This group is the most undesirable, as it has the most wins, and this is a loss for the casino. Often these people live on income from gambling. With the help of staff, special cameras and artificial intelligence systems casino owners identify players who believe the cards, and prohibit them from accessing their territory.

What to keep in mind. The best way not to stand out – to win a little, and sometimes even arrange a losing evening. Do not pay attention to yourself, and even better – to visit different institutions to rule out the possibility of climbing.

Advantages of the type. The most frequent winnings, the most thoughtful strategy. Deep preparation in the game at each table or machine allows you to steadily go to the plus and have an advantage over other participants. Of course, the satisfaction of victory is not complete, because it is expected, but appears regularly.


Who are they? People who in normal life lack strong emotions, and they find them in gambling. Sometimes it’s a big shock, like a divorce or losing a favorite case. These players are trying to dull the feeling of loneliness or make the game a new hobby. They may not pay attention to the great expense, if the game brings thrills.

Desperate games often have sad consequences
Desperate games often have sad consequences

Like it’s used in casinos. Casino owners dream of having desperate gemblers among their clients. For this purpose, gambling establishments use techniques aimed at impulsive decision-making. The same strategy is present in advertising gambling and online casinos. People are trying to show that slot machines and roulette – a simple and very exciting activity.

What to remember. You need to choose a hobby and company, which is enough to fill life with the necessary impressions. The casino is just one way to have a good time, and only professionals can expect to earn money here.

Advantages of the type. It is worth finding your favorite pastime, and gambling will be fun again. Winnings will bring joy, and losses will not be large. The main thing is to take this step.


Who are they? Players for whom gambling turns into a psychological addiction. They are day by day obsessed with the idea of big winnings and spend all the money on playing machines and other games. Almost all thoughts and actions are reduced only to playing and a sense of excitement, which makes you spend even more. This pathological dependence is a disease.

Ludoman at the casino
Ludoman at the casino

Like it’s used in casinos. As in any other business, in gembling try to maximize profits. Therefore, any social group that generates income will be accepted with open arms. Sometimes gambling clubs spread information about what helps ludomans and even prohibit them to play, but in practice it comes to this very rarely.

What to keep in mind. Of course, with any addiction must be fought. It is desirable to take a serious break, to distract yourself from other interesting activities. It is best to return to the games when it ceases to be an obsession.

Advantages of the type. A person who plays a lot and often has a chance to win more than the one who plays rarely. However, it is worth remembering that the winnings are as easy to lose as to get.


Who are they? These people are looking for any way to cheat a gambling house or other players. Most often they are ordinary adventurers, less often representatives of the criminal world or cheaters. They try to make a profit by cheating gambling house staff or gambleers sitting next to them, who will not be attentive enough.

A cheater in a casino
A cheater in a casino

The crooks can make a really big score, but most of them end up getting caught.

Like it’s used in casinos. Just like in the case of a pro, these people get rid of them. Here comes not only a ban on visiting gambling clubs, but also criminal charges. People who try to cheat casinos, often go to jail.

Which is something to keep in mind. It’s best to play fair. Winnings obtained by deception, do not bring positive emotions – cheater is constantly thinking about how to hide the fraud and not get caught.

The advantages of the type. Knowledge that helps cheat casinos or other gambleers, bring profit. But only until the thief is caught.