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sight words


In our classroom, we have 4 large windows.  I looked at them and thought they needed to be decorated!  So, I went to Wal-Mart and got the washable window markers.  As a literacy centre, we have been letting the children use the markers to practice drawing people, as well as to practice printing. 

Some days we have the students print their names.  Other days, we have the students create lists of our sight words from our word wall.  There are also days were they can write a story and draw a picture.

We have this as a centre every other week so the children’s work can be displayed for a week before we begin with a clean slate again.


At our school, we have a letter writing program during the month of December. Students of all grades can write letters to anyone in the school, and then “mail” them at our office. We have a large, old-fashion post box just outside of the office.

Today, we helped our Full Day Kindergarten class send letters to their friends, and a few of their favourite teachers. Of course in kindergarten, most of the students can’t write a letter. Most of our students drew pictures to send. But, we used the sight words “to” and “from” and had them write those 2 words, as well as the receiver’s name, and their own name. It was a great way for them to practice their writing, as well as learn 2 new words!

I am sure when our students begin to receive mail, more letter writing will happen in our classroom!