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At our school, we still have an annual Christmas Concert.  Our Kindergarten class participated by singing a song.  We did not need specific costumes, but we wanted the kids to create something they could wear to look “festive”.  I decided they could create necklaces.

I gathered mini plastic ornaments, jingle bells and ribbon.  Each child was given a long piece of ribbon and then they could choose want they wanted to string on that ribbon for the necklace.  By having the students string the items on the ribbon, it was a great fine motor activity.  The next skill I wanted the students to practice was patterning.  They could choose the items to use for the necklaces, but they had to string them on the ribbon in a pattern.  Some of them chose to do “ornament, bell, ornament, bell” patterns.  Others chose to create patterns by colour, or size.

The necklaces turned out really cute, and looked fantastic on the children for their performance!