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On Monday, I brought an ice cube tray to work.   I put small winter animals in the tray and added water.  Yesterday, I took the animal ice cubes and added them to our water table.

To introduce the activity, we played “What Sinks/What Floats”.  I also asked who thought the ice cubes would melt before we went home at the end of the day, and who thought they would melt when we returned to the school the next day.  I made a quick graph on one of our white boards.  In our room, each child has a magnet with their name on it so making a graph is simple and quick and is also interactive for the children.

I then left the ice cubes in the water table for the children to play with throughout the day.  They loved seeing the tiny animals inside.

Before we got dressed to go home, we all gathered around the water table to see if the ice cubes had melted.  They had.  We did a quick review of the graph before going to the coatroom to get ready.  I will leave the animals in the water table for tomorrow.


For the past couple of days, I have been ensuring that each child in our Early Learning Kindergarten class had an opportunity to conduct a survey. 

Once each child was done, I met with them individually to assess their knowledge of what the survey meant.  I asked them to tell me something about the survey using the word “more” and something using the word “yes”.  Almost every child told me which column had more, and which had less, using complete sentences.  I think this knowledge comes from the graph we do every morning.

Now that I know the children are capable of interpreting surveys and graphs, I decided to use a different survey.  In the Nelson Mathematics book, there is a survey that you can reproduce that says “Do you like ___ more than ___”.  I photocopied this survey and used “apple” and “banana” for the blanks.  I used stickers for those that can’t read the words.

The first group of children today enjoyed this survey too.  I left additional copies in our math centre, and a few of the children chose to do the survey during play time.