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Beside our dramatic play centre, I placed one of our smaller tables, near the windows with my signs for the flower shop.  In the centre of the table, I put a basket of pencils and markers and some blank paper.  When I introduced the centre to the children, I told them the flower shop needed help.  I explained that we needed more signs and pictures of flowers for customers to see.  I also told them we were running out of order forms for when customers called in to the store for deliveries, and asked if they could help make some of these to help.

It was amazing to see what the children created!  We had beautiful pictures, sale signs, and unique order forms.  One child even made a price list of flowers.  She drew flowers on one half of the paper and numbers on the other!

It never amazes me what children can create, if given enough time and opportunity.


Because we had been making flowers for Mother’s Day last week, there were several children asking if we could make flowers again today.  Instead of repeating the same activity with the handprint flowers, I wanted the children to be able to create a different flower.  I decided to create tie-dye flowers instead.

I got large basket coffee filters.  I find these great for art, so I always keep them stocked in a cupboard.  I also got out 3 paint holders, eye droppers and food colouring.  I covered the table with plastic.  I filled each paint holder half full with water and then added food colouring to the water.  I added several drops of the food colouring to make sure the colours were strong.  I used red, blue and yellow, but you could use any colours you wanted to. 

I then gave each child at the table a large coffee filter and a black marker.  I had them print their name near the edge of the filter.  Once their name was printed, they filled the eyedroppers with coloured water and dropped it slowly on to their filter.  They continued this until the entire coffee filter was full of colours. 

Once the filters are dry, I assisted the children with twisting them in the middle and wrapping a green pipe cleaner around them as the stem.

This activity is fun, and not only does it allow the students to get creative, but they get to learn what colours are made when colours are mixed.


With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we wanted to make a craft for all of the wonderful mothers, grandmothers and special women in our students’ lives.  We decided to create flower bouquets using the children’s hands as the flowers and green straws as the stems.

First, we traced the child’s hand 3 times.  The children then cut the hands out.  Next, we showed the children how to twist the handprints at the base so they would fit into the straw.  Once the hands were in the straws, we showed the students how to bend the petals (fingers) of the flowers over by curling them around a marker.  Once all 3 flowers were finished, we tied them together with ribbon to create a bouquet.

We did this in small groups to provide us the opportunity to assist the children as much as needed.