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As teachers we are always striving to reflect a culturally diverse classroom and acknowledge each of our students in unique and special ways.  A really great ETFO resource that I have used several times in my classroom when sharing ideas and stories about different cultures is Social Justice Begins with Me kit .  It is a great place to start you thinking about relevant topics and lessons that you can explore with your students.  Many of the books can be found within your schools. 

Community building opportunities in small and large group can start with a simple oral discussion, you can use a book as a springboard to get children talking about something as simple as a party.  This can easily connect to literacy—picture walks, anchor charts, and writing. Providing children an opportunity to share their backgrounds during discussions, centres, and various parts of the day can create the sense of community when each of them feel valued within a safe classroom. 

The Social Justice Kit is an excellent addition to classrooms that already have programs like Second Step, the 7 Virtues and various other Character Education programs that implemented around the province.


On the site there is a great list of read alouds suggested by teachers.  There is a picture of the book and a comment about what it can be used for.  There is a whole range of books that can help you begin your planning for the new year. Also, if you have a book you can submit the information to be added to the list! .  You can also access this information under the tab across the top called “Resources”.