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I came a cross a great idea using found materials.  You can collect and gather a variety of recycled objects from around your home or ask your students to bring in materials, but I just focused on collecting lids.  I have collected various sizes, colours, and shapes.  From the dollar store I purchased a large, shallow tray to gather all the objects and some circular cork boards for children to arrange their materials on.  Choose a space in your room to house the materials or display them on a table–tray in the middle and cork boards around to create an inviting space.  Allow children to create designs based on colour, shapes or other attributes and see where the discussion may go….

Picture to follow shortly….


To help our kindergarten students learn about good nutrition and healthy eating habits, today we did an art project to help them learn about creating healthy lunches.

In our art centre, we had pictures of foods from each group.  We got them out of grocery flyers.  We set out glue, and brown paper lunch bags. The children got to choose their favourite foods, and things they thought would be good to bring to school for lunch.  After they are dry, they can take them home to their families.   They can show their families all of the healthy foods they would enjoy eating in their lunches.  Hopefully, their families will see what their children enjoy and we will see all of our students with healthy food everyday!