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Communicating with parents on a regular basis provides them with information about what their child is learning.  Begin a parent of a school age child and not always getting the answers to “what did you learn today?”, I have a new appreciation for the monthly newsletter!  Communicating with parents and developing that open communication right from the beginning of the school year allows educators to develop a rapport and it allows parents to provide us with information about their child.  The link below will provide some ideas on how to engage parents throughout the year and during conferences.

Last year I revamped my newsletters and tailored them to show “what” we are currently learning as opposed to what we “will” be learning.  The layout was about 8 pages and it was in a book format.  I shared pictures of students engaged in learning with the oral conversations listed below.  I tried to include about 10 students or so and if I missed anyone I included them in the following newsletter.  I focused on our inquiry projects, but also included the activities that related to math, literacy etc.  On the last page I created a section for parents to provide me with feedback about what they saw or anything that they wanted to learn more about.  Be sure to check permissions before sending out photos!

I really enjoyed creating these newsletters and it was relevant to what we were doing.  Any upcoming events or information I need to pass along outside of the learning, I created a small section and kept it brief—my point was to showcase the student learning!   Well worth the extra time.

is important because it gives parents an idea of what the children are learning and certainly includes them in the learning going on in the classroom.

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