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With the end of the school year coming up quickly, I know several educators are assessing what their students have learned.

I created a game that I could play with the children in small groups.  I made sure I had a pen and a spreadsheet that had the students’ names on it with squares big enough that I could write notes about each child.  I wanted to take anedoctal notes about what the children knew when playing with numbers (matching, correspondence, recognition, etc).

For the game, I got out our magnetic numbers from 0 to 10.  I had created a grid on cardstock.  It had squares with the number of objects in it for 0 to 10. I put the grid on a magnetic board.

I had 2 children come over to a table at a time.  We played “Match”.  Each child got to pick a magnetic letter and find where on the cardstock to match that number to the number of objects.  We played twice to ensure each child got a turn with each number. As they matched the number to the square on the grid, I took notes of which numbers, if not all, each child could match, count to and visually recognize.

Almost every child could match and recognize these numbers to objects.  Tomorrow, I will do the same activity, but with the numbers 11 to 20.

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