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Before the children arrived this morning, I took out the toys we had in our sand table and put plastic Easter eggs in it.  I bought various sizes and colours.  The children can use them for measurement, transferring sand, and for their imaginations.  When they came into class, a few of the children saw them in there and started yelling that the Easter Bunny had visited our classroom!  It was great.

The sand table had children at it all day!

2 Responses to The Easter Bunny Came Early!

  • mjudd says:

    All of our students associate the Easter Bunny with chocolate, not religion. The students had been talking about the Easter Bunny without any mention of religion before we put the eggs in the sandbox. That is one nice thing about being in a kindergarten class. The children don’t associate Christian holidays with society’s popular “figures”! We have only ever brought these things up after the children mention them, and we know that their focus is on what they receive without any religious meaning coming into play.

  • Patrick says:

    How do you explain the Easter bunny to those in you class who don’t celebrate the Christian holidays?

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