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Today was my first day back in our classroom since the end of the year in June.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed it, until I walked through the door to our room.

Throughout the summer, I had picked up little things here and there.  I had collected flower petals, leaves, art supplies, books, etc…I had thought about our first week of school and what we do.

My teaching partner and I arranged to meet today.  We first discussed what we wanted our first week of school to be like for our students.  Since we became partners, we gave each other respect, and listened to one another’s thoughts and ideas.  We have had been able to do our planning together and work collaboratively for the best interest of our students.  Today, we both had the same thought…lots of play.  This would give us time to interact with all of the children, and to start to get to know them.  It was also give the new students an opportunity to feel more comfortable and secure during their first week at school.

We set up our sand table, and buried crabs with letters on them for the children to search for.  We filled our book centre with stories and picture books about school, being yourself and friendship.  Our math centre has simple math manipulatives, especially lots of blocks in it.  Our art centre has several containers filled with things children can create whatever they want to with.  The dramatic play centre is set up as a house.  On the shelves around our large carpet, we have put toys that can promote fine motor skills, as well as encourage the children’s imaginations.  We have a gas station, trucks, maps, puppets, puzzles, Lego, and other toys for the children to explore.  We will also set up our paint easel before the day begins.

After spending the day at school, I am not only ready for Tuesday, but I am genuinely excited for school to begin!

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